Yes, we will have one of these…

So it took only 1 trip walking home 4 avenue blocks (explanation for the tourists: 1 avenue block is equal to about 2-3 street blocks) and then about another 5-6 street blocks with 8 bags of household items in my hands for me to make the executive decision that I’d never do that again.  While these carts may not look cool, it is definitely useful for New Yorkers.  Tara and I haven’t actually purchased one yet but it’s on the to do list. I’m actually looking for one that is engine powered, operated via remote control and has a coffee cup holder.  Regardless if I find one pimped out like that or not, we’ll have a mobile cart soon enough.  I do wonder what you do with a mobile cart if you’re shopping and decide to stop at a restaurant and have a bite to eat.  Do you chain it up?  I guess I’ll figure it out soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Yes, we will have one of these…

  1. Great post!! This is for Tara, of you’re going to be doing a lot of city walking I recommend a pair of Dansko’s! Just like the shopping cart you and Brian just got, they’re not cool looking; but oh so comfortable!! I can fly all day and walk the city all night. Hands down the most comfortable shoe!! And they don’t look too bad with a pair of jeans. 😉
    Look forward to your next post!!

  2. Okay, I could not figure out why, on our two trips to NYC, a block up there was so different than a block anywhere else. Had no idea there were avenue blocks and city blocks. Love the posts! 🙂

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