We’re going to the Hamptons. Welcome to the Hamptons

I think Brian already mentioned it, but we lead a small group at our church for married couples.  This season brought us our first engaged couple, the lovely Ashley Kersh and her beau, Tony Romano.  Side note: Ashley is an Ahhh-maz-ing fine jewelry designer!  Do yourself a favor and go here: www.ashleykersh.com.  Any guys in the reading audience?  This is what your sweetheart wants… literally, anything from this website.  You can’t go wrong.  You’re welcome.

As I was saying, Ashley and Tony are in our small group and a couple of weekends ago, very graciously opened their Hamptons home to us and another couple of friends of ours, Cameron and Leslee, for a weekend getaway.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was something Brian and I have had on our bucket list of things to do!  I felt like I had finally arrived.  We were going to THE Hamptons!  One little hiccup… Brian was going to be out of town.  But, do you think I let that slow me down?  Nope, I gladly accepted the offer as the official fifth wheel.  I have no shame.

Friday arrived and we were to catch the 4:07pm train from Penn Station to Southampton.  Oh wait, another hiccup… I have a job.  But, the Lord knew I needed to go to the Hamptons and I conveniently had a doctor’s appointment scheduled that afternoon that I had already asked off of work for.  (I really did have an appointment, everything came back normal, negative, not pregnant, etc., etc.  Thank you for asking)  So, I arrived at Penn Station, bought the tickets, and met Cameron and Leslee there.


I also picked up a beer.  With a straw, as you do.


As I’m waiting for Cam and Les, I notice tons of people gathering around the departures board.  As soon as they show our track number, I realize why.  It’s a mad dash to get a coveted seat on the train.  You don’t want to be standing for 2 hours!  Or, maybe you do, no judgment.  We may have been on the next to last train car, but we got seats and we got them across the aisle from each other.  It was a major win!  And so began our 2 hour trek to Southampton.

Friday night we stayed at the house, took a dip in the hot tub (Yep, I said hot tub), and discussed plans for the next day.

I was totally amped for this little getaway!  I desperately missed the beach and needed a little sunshine.  I was so pale, I don’t even think my home state of Florida would claim me, at this point.  As luck would have it, we woke up to a pretty dreary Saturday.  A little rain, a lot of fog, and just overcast in general.  But we didn’t let that slow us down.  A little coffee was in order.  Leslee and I woke up before everyone else, so we hopped on a bike and headed down to Main Street for our caffeine fix.  We ended up at The Golden Pear.


A cute little eatery, specializing in breakfast.  Jackpot!  It was definitely the place to see, and be seen.  This place was packed!  Patrons, for the most part, were either decked out in workout gear, so you knew they had already been to their AM yoga sesh, or dressed in full Hamptons gear.  White capris, cardigan tied around the neck, and they had their full-size poodle with them.  And then, there was me and Leslee, who did not work out that morning, nor did we bring our cardis to wrap around our shoulders.  The breakfast was delish, though, and the coffee did not disappoint.  Ashley and Tony rode up and joined us, and eventually, Cameron made his way down as well.  Since the weather wasn’t going to allow a beach day, we strolled around town and took a look at all of the shops and sidewalk sales going on.  Loved this entryway to Ralph Lauren.


Then, we took it easy by the pool at the house, just in case it rained.  And it did.  Before dinner, we decided to bike down and take a walk on the beach.  The houses along the beach are incredible.



And the beach was beautiful, despite the weather.  I felt like a pirate ship was going to emerge from the fog at any moment.


After our walk on the beach, we came back to the house and the girls and I started experimenting with our cocktail making skills.  We created a fabulous concoction and named it the 28 Old Town, in honor of it’s birthplace.  Fresh muddled watermelon, basil, vodka, splash of soda, twist of lime.  Delicious.  Then, we played the most hilarious game: Cards Against Humanity.  At one point, I was crying from laughing so hard and I could not recover.  I can’t tell you the reason why it was so funny, because it is highly offensive and inappropriate.  If you’ve played this game, you understand.


The next day was GORGEOUS!  Hallelujah!  Finally, our beach day was going to happen!  We thought about going to Montauk for church.  Our church does a pop-up service in Montauk through the summer – if you’re in the area, you should check it out!  More info here.  Like I said, we thought about going, but in the Hamptons, getting around isn’t cheap if you don’t have a car, and Montauk isn’t exactly within biking distance.  So, we opted out of church and went to the beach instead.  Because Saturday was so overcast, we felt like God would understand. 🙂


After a beautiful day on the beach, we made the trip back to Manhattan around 5pm, just in time to gear up for the coming work week.  Now, I totally understand why NYers do this – summer in the Hamptons.  It was so nice to get away from the City.  You don’t even realize how fast you’re going until you take a step back.  The train was a bit quieter on the way back – everyone sleeping off the weekend.  I had such a wonderful time and could not thank Ashley and Tony enough for inviting us.  I see you, Southampton!  Next year, the Buonassissi’s are coming for you!

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