Union Square Greenmarket

I haven’t done a post on the Union Square Greenmarket yet, have I?  How have I let you go on this long without filling you in on possibly the most glorious thing about Union Square?  For shame.

As you can imagine, Spring in New York is awesome.

What’s even more awesome is the Greenmarket.  In the Spring.  In New York.  Something about all of the vendors, the people, the colors and smells coming from the tents lining the park.  What do they sell?  What DON’T they sell?  Flowers, fresh fruit, and organic vegetables.  Goat cheese and milk, apples (cider, pies, and whole).  Lavender plants, wheatgrass smoothies, paintings, and dream catchers.

The Greenmarket.  It’s a magical place.

Strawberry wine (seventeeeeen – I know you were singing it!)

When you walk past this tent, the smell is heavenly!

Fresh jams and jellies, all boxed up and cute for you to take home!  And you better believe there was every flavor imaginable up for sale.  Curried peanut jelly?  You betcha!  Cucumber Rhubarb Jam?  Sure.  These little old ladies were serious about their jams.  They had one of the busiest tents!

The Greenmarket operates on the North and West sides of Union Square Park, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8am to 6pm.  I can’t wait to walk through with my sister!  Did I mention Megan is coming in for a visit in a little over 24 hours?!!!!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?!!  I will try to document every second so that I can share all of our new finds!

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