Things I’ve Noticed: Red vs. Blue

There are all kinds of bizarre things that go on in the city that I thought I would start a reoccurring post of “Things I’ve Noticed” so that you could keep up with the day to day oddities of New York City that baffle me.

New York is a Blue State.  Florida is a Red State.  With all of the political debates going on recently, you would think when I mention blue versus red states, I would naturally be talking about Democrat versus Republican.

Think again.  I’m talking Coke vs. Pepsi.

Anywhere you go in Florida, most of the time, you are offered a coke, not a pepsi.  There are a few places where you get the dreaded response, “We don’t have coke, is pepsi okay?”  No, it’s not okay.  Pepsi is terrible and could never be as good as an ice-cold coca-cola.  Don’t be ridiculous.

However, here in NY, they love Pepsi.  Talk about a culture shock!  If you find a place that does serve Coke, you have struck gold!  Every restaurant we go to, it’s always, “We don’t serve Coke; we have pepsi.”  Again, not the same.  I know it’s too much to ask, but I do anyway: “What about Dr. Pepper?”  Nope.  *sigh*  “I’ll just have a water.”  Sometimes you just need a Coke, you know?

Let this be a warning to all of our Red State friends: If you come to New York, BYOCoke.

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