Writer’s Block

I used to journal all the time.  I have books and books dating back to high school.  (For the ones doing the math, that’s over ten years ago and you’re right, I don’t look that old🙂 )  And then I stopped.  No idea why.  I guess life just started getting busy.  I got married, I moved in to Brian’s house and then I moved again to New York.  Then, we started the blog and we just weren’t writing as frequently as we wanted to.  Personally and professionally, life was crazy!

Well, ’tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions, right?  One on the top of my list is to write and blog more, so I’m working on a few issues I have with it.

1.) For me, I think it’s really hard to have a stream of thought while typing.  I’m an old fashioned pen and paper girl and I think if I get back to that and then type it up, I’ll write more and I’ll write better.

2.) I always feel like I have to wait to post something that’s really important or really fascinating or really interesting.  But, while I’ve been waiting for the inspiration for a perfect blog post, I’ve been living in New York City for a WHOLE YEAR and I could have written so many things.  I worry too much that what I blog about will be boring.  I think it finally hit me that I’m living in NYC and people want to hear about that, even the small things.

3.) Time.  There’s never enough.  I still don’t want to commit to a daily or even weekly blogging schedule, because I honestly don’t know if I can keep up with it.  But, I’m hoping that by making this a priority this year, you’ll hear a lot more from me (and Brian too!)  Looking forward to a wonderful and exciting 2013!