Restaurant Review: Sushi Sho; Costa Mesa, CA

Alright, alright, I know.  What kind of blog is this?  A NYC blog that reviews SoCal restaurants?  But just go with it.  What I’m about to give you is a gift and it is life changing.  A bold statement, I realize, but I stand behind it 100%.  And let it be a warning to the so-called sushi places I’ve tried in NYC – step yo’ game up.

Brian took me to Sushi Sho the first time I came to California and I have insisted that we come every single time we have visited since that first introduction.  It is hands-down, the best sushi, EVER!  If you read our 2011 year-end review, you know that I mentioned Sushimoto in Destin, FL and that place is phenomenal; however, Sushi Sho puts it underwater.  It is in the corner of a tiny, hole-in-the-wall shopping center, but don’t let that fool you.  This place is always packed and the quality is always top-notch!  Everything is so fresh!  The flavor combinations are delicious!  I could go on and on, but I know you’re here for the pictures, so here we go!

Here’s what our order usually consists of:

Seaweed Salad.  Pretty hard to screw this one up, but trust me, it’s been done.  I’m looking at YOU, New York.

Double Tuna Roll – I love everything tuna, so if it’s double, I love it double!  It’s some kind of tuna mixture and avocado, with cilantro, green onions and cayenne pepper to give it a little kick on top.  Then they drizzle some kind of vinaigrette over it.  This is Brian’s favorite (besides the Sexy Mango).  It’s probably second place for me, but it is very tasty!

Next, is the Red Dragon Roll.  This one is a crab mixture in the middle with tuna on top and then drizzled with a sweet soy sauce glaze.  Unbelievably good!

Next is my #1 favorite!  The Refreshing Roll.  Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail and Avocado in the middle topped with a thinly sliced lemon and jalapeno, and again, some kind of vinegar topping.  Amazing.  Don’t be afraid of the spice, it’s really not potent at all.  The jalapeno just gives a little flavor.

They didn’t have any more mango for our traditional Sexy Mango roll – Brian was bummed.  So we got the Yummy Roll.  It was good, but when you have your heart set on a Sexy Mango, it’s kind of a let down to get anything else.  Here’s a picture of it anyway.

We also had some edamame and a few Sapporos – both were delicious!

I hate that it is on the opposite side of the country, otherwise I would insist that everyone go there immediately!  Which actually, leads to a really good idea: What if for my 30th we fly into SoCal, eat sushi for dinner and then drive up the coast to Napa for some wine-tasting… Just a thought.  Who’s with me?!

If anyone is in The OC, here’s the 411:

Sushi Sho – 2263 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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