Raising a family in NYC?

When Tara and I decided to make the move to NY, one of the main reasons we decided to  do so NOW was because we have no kids in the picture and aren’t planning on any for quite a while.  If and when that time comes, we figure we’ll cross that bridge then of deciding where we’d raise a family.  But I can tell you this much, neither of us thought New York would ever be that place.

Two weeks ago, I read this blog post that has me completely re-thinking the location.  Having been raised in the metropolis that is Southern California, there are some similarities from my upbringing to some of the things mentioned in this post.  That said, New York offers things that no other place in the world can and I’m not just talking about trivial stuff like restaurants and entertainment.  Character and resourcefulness are just two of the many things that I believe are underrated in this world.  Having lived there only two months, I  can definitely see how New York can develop and instill those two things in someone unlike anywhere else.

Read this blog post by Kathy Keller here.  It created some great dialogue and discussion between my wife and I. Enjoy!

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