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If you didn’t get my sentiments in the last blog posting, I’m a pretty private person.  I’ve never been a person who likes to share.  If we ever get in a group situation where everyone is required to do so, I typically will be the last one to volunteer and my hope is always that someone before me will use up all the time and that my sharing will be postponed.

The problem with that is that when you make a major life change (like moving to NYC), no one knows why you’re really doing it and it can cause people to draw their own conclusions (which in many cases are inaccurate).  This blog is my tool to work on that part of my life and start to open up a bit.

So why NY?  Why leave a stable environment where things are going pretty well to jump into something that is as polar opposite of our current situation as possible?  Let me try and answer that for you.

#1: WE WANT TO BUILD A FUTURE WHERE WE CAN HANG OUT ALL THE TIME…Tara and I love each other more than you can imagine.   We can’t stand being apart from one another.  We love working together (not too many couples can say that).  If and when the time comes for children, we want to be able to spend as much time together as a family as we possibly can.  That said, we need to be able to have the financial freedom to do that.  So we’re preparing for that now.  Our current situation wouldn’t allow this.  I’d be working my tail off to support a family and a lifestyle we desire and not be able to enjoy it.  It’s going take some initial work/growing pains over the next couple years but eventually our #1 goal is this one!

#2: IT’S PART OF MY COMPANY’S BUSINESS PLAN…My business partner and I feel we have a phenomenal product and business model.  Our goal all along has been to take it to the biggest markets and solidify ourselves as one of the top entertainment and event companies nationwide.  We feel we’ve done all we can do in Florida for now.

Southern California was naturally a great fit since I had so many connections there.  So when my partner wanted to move out there, I was all for it.  We are already seeing some good results in the short time Christen (my business partner) has been there.

New York, while a hard market to crack, will be a huge win for us once we get it up and running.  It’s really the mecca of entertainment as far as our industry goes.   I feel very confident that we not only can do it but do it soon.  Once we establish ourselves in those two markets, the rest should be fairly easy to replicate in the other markets we have on our radar (Chicago and Hawaii).

#3: IT’S HEALTHY FOR OUR MARRIAGE…I truly believe that every newly married couple needs some time to develop their relationship by doing life together in a place that requires them to start from scratch and depend solely upon each other and God.  True character within a relationship start to develop in that type of setting.  New friendships are made together, life decisions are made together, etc.  I’ve always wanted to move away for a little while and go through this pruning process with Tara.  We want to knock this out before kids come into the picture and the opportunity passes us by.  I’m actually blessed that both of us are in a position to be able do this.  A lot of people don’t ever get the chance.

#4: BOTH OF US HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE IN NEW YORK…It’s “THE” city, the heartbeat of the world.  Looking back on my childhood, one of the things that I wish I would’ve done more is travel and live in different places.  Trust me, Southern California, in my opinion, was probably the greatest spot in which to live and grow up.  There’s a ton of culture there and so many things to do.  But this country is so vast and I love seeing all that this nation has to offer.  New York has always been on my bucket list as a place to live.   On our honeymoon, I discovered that it’s also been a place on Tara’s bucket list.  To get this chance and opportunity is something that we both feel like we’ve got to jump on now before it goes away.  It’s not a place we want to live in forever.  While nothing is in stone, I foresee a 1-3 year commitment as of now.

So there you have it.  Now you know why we’re headed to the city that never sleeps.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear and see all that God has in store for you two! Love you guys and will be living vicariously through this blog…so best keep it updated! 🙂

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