Movie Review: Parental Guidance


I saw Billy Crystal (one of my all-time faves) interviewed on a late-night show a few weeks ago and after seeing a clip from his new movie “Parental Guidance”, I thought it was worth checking out. It is a really good movie!  Is it one that you’d absolutely need to see in the theatre?  No.  But if you’re looking for a matinee flick or a heartwarming story, this is as good of a movie as any.  Definitely rent it if nothing else.  The best scene is within the first 5 minutes of the movie when he’s being fired from his job – a classic!  The rest of the movie is good so don’t think it’s all down hill after the first 5 minutes.  The supporting cast holds their own as well.  I’ve loved Marisa Tomei ever since “My Cousin Vinny” (probably one of her best roles).  She really does a great job in this flick.  Although I’m not a Bette Midler fan (generally speaking), she was better than I thought she’d be.  Be prepared for a few tears to come out if you’re not careful (no, none shed from me, but did get awfully close).

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