Movie Review: Django Unchained


I’m a little late on this review – we actually saw this last month but life has been crazy and carving out time to blog has been tough to say the least.  This movie was absolutely AMAZING!  From the fonts to the soundtrack to the humor to the storyline – A+++.  Quentin Tarantino always finds a way to put his twist on every movie he makes and this one is up there with his finest work.  The acting was unbelievable. All the actors shined but I’d say that Christopher Waltz outshined the rest. He owned that character and was absolutely brilliant!  All of Quentin’s films are known to be on the gory side of things.  But it’s done so over the top that it becomes almost comical..especially in this film.  There is some offensive language so definitely don’t bring the family to this film but for the adults – it is definitely worthy of checking out!

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