Christmas in Memphis

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!  My lovely sister, Megan, and her husband, Chad, hosted Christmas this year, so Brian and I were in Memphis, Tennessee, along with my parents and grandparents.  Brian and I had the added bonus of driving a 12′ Penske truck from Florida to Memphis and then to NYC.  There will definitely be a post on that road trip coming up!

One of my Christmas presents from my amazing husband was a Canon SLR camera, so I figured I’d share a few photos from my new toy!  I’m still learning/re-learning some tricks, so forgive me, these were taken on the automatic setting. *gasp*

Megan and Chad's house

Megan and Chad's dog, Milli

Megan and me

That amazing husband I was talking about!

My Granddaddy and Me. Christmas Eve was his 82nd Birthday!

Check out this awesome gem - Mom and Dad's awkward photo recreated by Megan and Chad!

Again, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Stay tuned, Brian and I are counting down our favorite things of 2011 on tomorrow’s post!

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