Random Photos – Week of 01/25/12

Been meaning to post these for a while.  They’re not blogworthy on their own, but as a collection, they’ll do.

FaceTime has been a tool for communication for the wife and I the last few weeks I’ve been on the road.  I’m thankful for the technology and glad I get to see her (at least virtually) when I’m waking up and going to bed.  She makes me so happy!

While shopping in Trader Joe’s, this made me laugh.  I don’t know why…it just did.
Nice marketing with the food truck…way to play off 50 cent’s tune.

These kind’ve places are all over NY.  No signage, just an open door.  We saw people going in and out so we thought we’d check it out.  Turns out it was a store that sold discounted stuff and vintage things (see next pic below).

Some eclectic lamps sold at store mentioned above.

Amorino is a desert place.  We wanted to check out their hot chocolate since that’s what they seemed to be known for.  Since they had so many different flavors, we decided to give it a try.

I tried the Caramel and Tara tried the Orange and Cinnamon.   Although they looked good, both were just OK.  You win some and you lose some here in the City.  Cross this one off the list.

That Sunday, we went and checked out this church.  They meet in a college.  The speaker was really good.

This little guy was just chillin’.  Wish I had his life at times.

Random Photos – Week of 12/11/11

Here’s a bunch of photos I captured this week.  Not really blog worthy on their own but worth sharing as a group of photos.

Getting to and from the airport and into the City can be expensive. Save where you can.  Found this ad on my boarding pass.  Definitely keeping this for future trips.  10% saved is better than 0% saved.

When a single pizza slice takes 2 plates, you know it’s gotta be good.  It lived up to the hype for sure!  This was $2!  This place is called “Bruno’s” and it’s in Farmingdale, NJ.   Stopped there for lunch in route to some meetings.  Tara got the “everything” pizza while I got the chicken/bacon/ranch. It ranks in the top 3 pizza places I’ve ever been.

Back in the day, I used to work for a non-profit car donation company. “Kars 4 Kids” was our competitor.   They’re big in the NY area.  Crazy to think that that type of donation still exists and makes sense for people, considering all the tax restrictions these days.

This restaurant is called “Rolf’s” and it’s located on 3rd and 22nd.  I can’t take credit for this photo. My friend Katie Back took it.  I think they’ve embraced the holiday spirit.  Can you say crazy holiday decor?!?!?  Always crowded and festive.

This is at restaurant where we had breakfast called “Balthazar” (it will be reviewed shortly).  Isn’t my wife beautiful? No matter what time of day, she is always smiling and looking good.

This is a picture of a deli called “The Corner” that apparently has an ‘off da chain’ Mexican food restaurant called “La Esquina” right below it.  It’s been recommended by Cory and Hillary, our friends in Destin, but we haven’t made it there yet (it was in route to Balthazar).  We’ll definitely check it out soon.

These two stores are a DJ/Musician’s best friend and they just happen to be a block from our pad.  Can you say that God was looking out for us?  I can!

This lifesize gingerbread house was in a store called “Dylan’s Candy Bar” off W 42nd street.  It piqued our interest from the window while we killing time in between meetings that day.  Tons of other goodies there as well…and no we were NOT tempted to buy anything (on this trip anyway).

Side View of Gingerbread house.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park.  We were once again killing time in between meetings and found this to be a great place to people watch!  It was like watching human “car wrecks” about to happen.  So hilarious.  It’s mind-boggling to me that parents would put their toddler out on the ice and teach them to skate risk their life when you’ve got a ton of people out there trying to skate.  Nice call parents.

The “White Horse Tavern” was recommended by Eric Partin, our good buddy from Destin, but we were already eating nearby at the “Spotted Pig”.  We’ll be sure to check it out soon.

And that’s this past week in photos!