Best NEW Party Trick In A Long Time…

So I’m a huge Late Night with Jimmy Fallon fan. One of my bucket list items while living in NYC is to go to a taping.  Thanks to our DVR I can watch it anytime during the day so I don’t necessarily have to stay up late to watch it live. A few weeks ago, he had Paul Rudd on as a guest and Paul showed one of the best party tricks I’ve ever seen.  I’ve watched this clip a ton and it just keeps getting funnier every time I watch it.  I’ve been perfecting the trick and will post a few photos soon.  You can watch him demonstrate it below. It’s a classic.  So hilarious.  It happens about 30 seconds into the interview.

[hulu id=zwhbkwjep0hd2ohf6c4qiq width=512]

You’re welcome.

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