T&B Wedding CandidBrian and Tara got hitched in October 2010 and on their honeymoon, decided that they would live in New York one day.

City, that is.  Concrete jungle.  Honking cars.  (Yes, that was a Beverly Hillbillies reference. High-five if you got it)

The next year, they packed up and moved to the city that never sleeps.  Keep up with them as they experience Manhattan in some awesome and probably ridiculous adventures.

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  1. Tara and Brian,
    so excited for you both and will enjoy following you on your blog. I too am starting a blog and hopefully will have it up soon…soulsurfingsister.com Who knows in a few months a move to NYC may be a story to share as well 😉
    Love the pics of your apartment can’t wait to see more. I do believe you are exactly where God wants you to be 🙂
    Can’t wait to find out more about Tara and Brian’s move to NYC!
    Christie Hord

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