A Florida State Victory in New York

As most of you know, I love The Florida State University.  Lo and behold, there is a Seminole Club of NYC and a Seminole bar where they watch all of the games (Brian is so thrilled…).  It’s called Saloon NYC and it’s located on York Avenue on the Upper East Side.  I’ve been on their mailing list since before we knew our moving date.

December 29th, the day of the Champs Sports Bowl game, I finally had a good reason to check it out.  Brian and I arrived about ten minutes til kickoff – cutting it close, because nobody likes to miss kickoff – and the place is packed!  There were three seats in the whole bar left: one that was touching the projector screen, it was so close; and two at a table for four, where a couple was already sitting.  Our choices were limited.  Do I let Brian sit at the one chair by the screen and kneel down next to him the whole time?  Yeah, that sounded like fun… Or, should I nicely ask that couple if they were waiting on two others to complete their table.  After a quick five seconds, I chose door #2.

I politely went up and asked if they were saving the seats for anyone and if they would mind if my husband and I joined them?  “Of course not!  Please, sit down!”  Rob and Heather were their names and they were visiting from Alabama for Rob’s birthday.

Brian was at the bar getting some drinks, so Rob, Heather and I got to talking and whatd’ya know?  I sat next to the only person at the bar from the Florida panhandle!  Rob graduated from Niceville High School (Class of ’89), and he and Heather lived in Navarre for a while.  They now live in Birmingham, AL.  We had such a great time with them!

The atmosphere at this place was amazing.  I immediately walked in and said, “These are my people!”  Everyone was blonde and tan and just looked like Florida.  Well, not everyone…

Not blonde, kinda tan

Our team; however, wasn’t doing so great.  We were behind!  To Notre Dame!

Rob was pissed!

(This is Brian: Like Tara said, the atmosphere was pretty amazing.  Once FSU took the lead though, the place was electric.  Here’s a little clip of Tara and her peeps celebrating after the go ahead score).

[vimeo 34542199]

This video was taken right after Rob and I decided that the only thing that could turn our team around was to get “Tallahassee drunk.”  Enter the Seminole Bombs.

The drinks, were great!  They had Seminole bombs and Garnet and Gold shots.  We did a couple of each, just to check out the quality (This is Brian: – This did not have any effect on the video listed above :))  This is Tara: It had EVERYTHING to do with taking the lead!

The Drink Specials
The food was sub-par.  We had the pretzels with mustard, which were literally pretzels out of a bag and French’s mustard, and the pork nachos.  The pork and cheese on the nachos were both cold.  So, it’s a drinking place.  I’ll still come back.

The Food Menu

There was one Notre Dame guy in the place.

But, we befriended him anyway.

After the victory, we were on top of the world!

Rob and I, that is.

I think Heather and Brian were just happy it was over.

Sorry, Heather!

And, so was the Notre Dame guy.

Can’t wait for next season!  And Heather and Rob, if you ever make it back to the city, let’s go watch another game!

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